A $75 dollar Apple scam? Fast Charging on the iPhone 8 and X (Speed Tests Included.)

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I was a little surprised that Apple didn’t include a fast-charge capable charger with the brand new iPhone 8. I’d thought that Apple would follow every other smartphone brand and include a fast charger in the box. It’s not like we’re paying a premium for their products anyways.

I didn’t think this was the case and took every different type of charger I had in my home and did a bunch of speed tests. Yep, Apple’s out to get us.

Check out what I’ve done in the last week:

iPhone 8 Torture…


  1. It has to be. The speed of Fast Charging on a Galaxy S7 is the same speed of my iPhone 6s Plus charging with a very good charger and brick, it goes 65% in like an hour so technically they been had fast charging

  2. how bout a hird party 29w usb c brick with a third party usb c to lightning cable? Definitely astounded that even when charging a grand for a phone they cant give you the fastest charging method out of the box, which is ridiculous given that it wont be able to connect to a brand new macbook from the same company without another accessory

  3. If you already own an iPad charger you definitely don't need to buy any other, because the macbook charger will charge about 10% faster. So this whole fast charging thing is not really worth mentioning, since the iPad charger has been used for "fast charging" ever since the iPhone 6.

  4. Thumbs down for misinformation. Fast charging has been available with higher wattage Chargers since iPhone 6. It is NOT new to iPhones. Moreover, you do not have to purchase the USB-C from Apple many are available. The cable however I would recommend purchasing directly from Apple.

    My preferred cheap brand is AUKEY. They are reliable and have a great reputation, they are readily available on Amazon.

    You should never buy more than a 29W Apple charger, and you do not need anything beyond 20w really. The reason is that the iPhone’s Max intake for wattage is roughly 17 to 19 W so anything above 19 watts, you won’t get any big benefit out of.

  5. I own an iPhone X and a USB-C to Lightning charger and I just bought the iPhone X. I didn't know I just had to connect it directly to the brick instead to get fast charging. It didn't cost me anything more.

  6. I have to admit I am a big fan of Apple products but I also have to admit that I agree that Apple should be including fast charging bricks and cable with the iPhone 8’s and X. Now tell me why are none of you YouToubers getting on Apple about how the quality of their charging cables has done in the past 5 to 6 years making the cables nothing more than a commodity item on the laptops, iPad’s and iPhone’s.

  7. Sir u are my fvt YouTuber ? ♥ but for samsung amps are not important bt volts! 9v – 1.5a is for quick charge 2.0
    12v – 1.5a is for quick charge 3.0
    See the amps are less than 2amps 🙂 actually power is "V"

  8. Apple no longer cares. they are 100% relying on their fanboys to continue blindly supporting them. Anyone that has a brain or isn't rich, should strongly be considering a switch to Android if you haven't already done so. Apple has trailed Samsung in features/phone capabilities by 2 years for multiple phone versions now

  9. Enjoyed the video my friend. I came back to Apple after being with Samsung for four years.  I bought the iPhone 8 plus.  I agree with you on how Apple makes great products put they scam us out of our money.  I loved the rant at the end of the vide.

  10. It’s false advertising by Apple…..
    That’s like buying a fast car that only does 20mph and car company saying well if you won’t full speed you need to buy a special Key from us…
    no one would put up with that but when Apple does it we don’t blink an eyelid

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