5 Tips to fix an unresponsive iPhone screen

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If you’ve been having problems with your iPhone or iPad screen not being quite as responsive as usual, don’t panic. In this video, I’m going to share with you 5 tips to fix a non-responsive screen.

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  1. Hi Cult of Mac! I am wondering if tempered glass could also affect the performance of a phone, there are times that users who are into games (like me) pushes the screen harder making the screen to ghost touch. It may not seem like it is a ghost touch but when you try to slide your fingers from different parts of the screen, it is working. I'll try it myself with my iPhone 5 (with tempered) since it has an unresponsive screen at times and is the only Apple device I own??

  2. I need help.
    I've just upgrade my ios into "Ios 11"
    Its an automatic update at (02:00 > 04:00)
    when i check it after. my touch screen didnt work.
    i cannot even put my passcode ( its completely didnt working) but my screen is keep working
    i can't touch anything, even unlockin my phone.
    wht should i do ?
    need help like really

  3. There is an enormous problem with iOS where when you close your phone when any app is open, (the home screen dosen’t do this) you cant turn on the phone for upwards of 5 minutes later. Is there any way to fix this?

    I noticed recently that when it is frozen the screen is still on just nearly pitch black. Even when all the lights are out it’s hard to see but often when this bug occurs the screen still shows whatever app it’s on. Then after it finally comes back on it dose what ive dubbed the seizure and the screen flashes on and off extremely rapidly sometimes even resulting in my background turning black. Any ideas on how to fix this? It happens every single time on my iPhone.

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