5 Companies The US Government Doesn’t Want You To Know About

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Who is the FBI paying to hack into your iPhone? These are 5 of the most secret and mysterious companies that the US government is paying to do its dirty work.

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  1. Dark 5 don't do voice overs because I can watch you on the road without earphones or my family hearing what your saying that's mainly why I watch your videos

  2. Well of course like the bitten Apple which is in the bible of sin. Like symbolism and signs only mean something not words nor laws

  3. fun fact: Apple, Google and Microsoft are still working with the NSA. things arent changed a bit. The Apple vs FBI case wad a marketing stunt.

  4. It's not a nice thought that people can track anything you do on your phone, but at the same time isn't it a good thing? I mean I'm not doing anything dodgy on my phone. If they hack into mine all they'll find is pictures of my horse and shit memes I've been sent on whatsapp. However there are some people out there using their phones for crime and terrorism so maybe it's best that the fovernment can track such people.

  5. so everyone is asking about the song name so I used shazam to find out. Shazam said everytime that it couldn't hear the song. I find it strange it wouldn't work on this particular video. CIA dark water 5 black and Disney are forming an alliance half life samdstorm 4 confirmed.

  6. Number 3 was proven false, turns out those are casings for coffins, not actual coffins. You put the coffins in the casing when putting them into the ground. It stops contamination of the earth as well as keeping the obviously expensive coffin from simply deteriorating and getting damaged. Has nothing to do with the CDC. The amount stored there are just about enough to cover demand on the market, and why store them in warehouses, when they're supposed to be weather resistant and durable anyways? That's silly, if the government was planning to wipe out the population, they'd just bury us in mass graves /sarcasm/.

  7. I dont know if its true or not but apparently Blackwater (which I think go by another name now) have a videogame based of them for the xbox 360 or something. It was supposed to have you experience what its like being a Blackwater operative but judging from reviews it wasn't very good.

  8. #3 isn't actually a mystery or conspiracy at all. There's a big difference between a burial vault and a coffin. You put bodies in coffins, and they're supposed to look nice so the grieving survivors can feel better about sending their loved ones off in style. Burial vaults are just big boxes to put the coffins in, and they're kind of a one size fits all affair. Coffins are put inside of burial vaults to keep them from collapsing under the weight of the dirt over them, and to keep there from being the settling dip in the earth. Go to any old cemetery and you can usually find grave shaped depressions all throughout. Since they're just big boxes meant to be buried in the earth, why bother with a warehouse?

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