25+ Tips and Tricks for the iPad Air

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Enjoy these 25+ Tips and Tricks for the iPad Air with iOS 7. These tips will also apply to iPad Mini 2 with Retina Display or any iPad running the latest version of iOS 7.


  1. you seem to know a lot of things.     I am new to this "I product" stuff"     and the one thing I have been wanting to know is how do I CLOSE    aps.
    I know some of them I can 5 finger pull in to 1/2 minimise then I can find an x.    but programs like run temple, and onedrive, do not appear to have any way to actually SHUT DOWN   the app,  other than turning off the Ipad.

  2. Hi I learnt a lot from your video tutorial. Thanks. I have iPad Air with retina display.  I do not know how embed  date and time
    on the video shots. I have also downloaded video editor free software. Pl. help me  — Desikan from Chennai, India

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