16GB iPhone survival tips

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iPhone storage running out? Here are 5 easy tips to free up space.


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  1. Excuse me? You said that setting up iCloud photos backup is hard? Cmon you just need to flick one switch, google photos is nice because you have unlimited storage but it is not as reliable as apples native backup system I have once formatted my phone thinking all my photos were backed up to G photos but they weren’t because of you don’t regularly open the app it won’t upload your photos, be careful with that everyone.

  2. Companies that sell 16gb phones these days is unacceptable. The software, and pre installed apps alone would take up 70% of that. I don't care if you like it. Save your money toss that storage less of a phone and buy a 32gb or even 64gb. It's like building a new computer and you use a 125 GB hdd, you're living in the stone age.

  3. Its written zero kb storage
    And all the photos were deleting and restoring itself every 5 minutes
    Whats thaat!!! And i deleted some apps it became good and didnt delete photos but after weeks it became zero kb again its about getting full without doing anything and why the photos were deleted and restored this process is continuouse why ?? I need help

  4. I'm watching on my rose gold iPhone SE!!!! And my two other sisters have the SE in gold!!!! Sadly we had bought the 16gb model and exactly one week later they release the 32gb for SAME PRICE!! ????

  5. please tell me how can I better manage my storage and backup in iPhone se using apps, and very easy file managers where I can group my vedios, photos, and videos in folders

  6. though I using iPhone 6 16gb for media social and a little bit camera and still survive in one year. if you get 16gb it's not good for music and games and for those who like to take photos

  7. So I own an iPod and I'm always on the go and I like to listen to music but I don't have internet data so I can stream music I have over 700 songs and it takes up about 4.6 gigs is there another solution for the music

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