12 Hour ROS Stream Recap! | 1080p 60fps ULTRA Rules Of Survival! HD

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Device: iPhone 8+ (Sometimes iPhone 6s)

Streaming with: Elgato 108060, lightening to HDMI, and OBS

Editing Program: Adobe Premiere Pro

Record Using: IOS recorder and Quicktime on Mac

Thumbnails: Made by me on Photoshop

Most Background music produced by Chuki Beats!




  1. Decided to upload this stream so people could see I was still alive! Also finished up a stream a few minutes ago. Uploads are coming guys! Just had a lot of Homework and the SAT is this Wednesday so I'm pretty frantic with getting stuff done. My plan is to start playing more solos and bring you guys daily uploads of my best games. Thoughts? Also if you make a comment highlighting the best moments in this stream I'll 100% pin it!

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