11 Coolest New iOS 11 Features!

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What are the best new features in iOS 11 to know about?
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Apple has released the latest version of iOS, which is iOS 11. There are lots of new features, and some that haven’t really been talked about. This video goes over the coolest of the new features, anything from camera…


  1. Thanks Theo, I did order 8+, I am trading 6+ for $200. I have had NO issues with iPhone 6+ for 2 years, Apple does manufacture quality devices.

  2. ah yes… AR… get a ghost-showing AR app, and freak out gulible people on halloween by saying your phone camera can "see" ghosts and other stuff that is always around us, but we can't see with our own eyes. hopefully no-one does this!

  3. My favourite iOS 11 feature is the one where it notifies you that it “won’t send notifications while you’re driving” while you’re driving.

  4. What has been the biggest upgrade from the Google Pixel XL to the iPhone 8 Plus? I already know what it would be for me. 3D Touch like I mentioned in my previous comment. I don't think I could go back to a phone without it.

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